Health Benefits of Juice For Kids

September 24, 2015

Instead of reaching for candy or chips when you start to drag mid morning or mid afternoon, grab some fruit and veggies to your kids. Many studies have shown that drinking 100 percent fruit juice doesn’t affect a child’s weight. However, fruit juice contains calories. Just like any other food or calorie-containing drink, too much fruit juice can contribute to weight gain. For most children of all ages between 6-12, water and milk are the best choices, so let them flow. Besides having zero calories,water is a no-sugar thirst-quencher. And 1 cup of milk has 300 milligrams of calcium, so it’s a big contributor to a child’s daily needs.

Fresh juice helps increase your energy levels without taxing your digestive system

Since fresh juice is high in natural sugars, you won´t need to add any refined white sugar to the mix. Your homemade juice-based energy drink will give you the health-boosting nutrients your body needs to keep you focused and productive throughout the day. If you´re looking to lose weight, lower your blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as increase your energy, juicing nutrition may be just what you´re looking for. Juicing is definitely one of the most natural and wholesome ways to improve your health and overall vitality.
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Why Use Basal Body Thermometer?

August 22, 2015

For any woman in order to become pregnant or not to become pregnant, she has to understand her fertility patterns. There are various changes taking places in a woman’s body each month to prepare her for a possible pregnancy. It is important to understand and start recognizing the way her menstrual cycle and her basal temperature.

What is Basal Thermometer

A basal temperature is the lowest temperature of your body in a twenty four period. The basal thermometer is taken when you first wake up in the morning. It is very important that basal body temperature to be taken without doing any work.
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December 25, 2014

The ACCPPS is a Michigan not-for-profit corporation launched as an autonomous certification board in 1987. This board was created to provide a route to certification in surgery for all podiatrists who are able to pass the ACCPPS’ rigorous but fair written certification examination, and obtain favorable ACCPPS review on seventy-five diverse surgical cases of their own experience. Certification is open to all applicants who meet these and appropriate licensing criteria, without regard to their professional affiliations. Residency training is required for all applicants who earned their degrees after 1991. The ACCPPS has certified over 1000 podiatrists nationally.

The ACCPPS is committed to improving the quality and delivery of podiatric services for the betterment of the public health and welfare, to advancing art and science of podiatric medicine and surgery, to stimulate further growth of the specialty profession of podiatry, and to eliminate unnecessarily restrictive and unfair administrative obstacles to these goals. Although our credential is accepted in many hospitals and MCO’s, we are aggressively campaigning for increased recognition in those institutions. Our efforts have led to changes in the certification processes of other certification boards and in the regulations of some state licensing boards.

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about the ACCPPS and its activities.